Panama is a fascinating, versatile country, which has for each taste something special. A trip to Panama means a genuine highlight and offers many unforgettable experiences and impressions.

Today it´s almost impossible to travel to a beautiful destination that isn´t already overtaken by tourists looking for the same as you  however, Panama is one of the few exeptions. It´s because of this advantage of minimal-to-none tourists that makes Panama one of the world´s final untouched paradices. Panama has over 30 nature resorts, many beautiful white-sandy beaches and hundreds of small islands. On 50 of Panamas small islands live the native indian tribes whose elaborate dress is outstandingly impressive. This is in contrast to the surprisingly modern capital of Panama City and the famous Panama Canal. In addition, are the picturesque stunning cloudforests on the west and the almost untouched rainforest on the east of Panama.